Firstly, I would like to thank Apps Unveiled team for getting me in touch with some wonderful apps, which are really very helpful not only for me, but for all. I liked the Universal Breathing Pranayama app a lot, must say it is a must-have app for all the office goers as it helps in relieving stress. Now, I am a regular user of this app and have also recommended it to my colleagues.


Another app which I have downloaded was “News in Shorts”, as I don’t like reading long news articles; this app is a must-have for me now! I just give 15 minutes daily to this app and get to know about all the latest happenings from all around the world. It’s just awesome. Other apps which I have downloaded were Photo Grid, ShopClues and YepMe.


Though, I already knew about these shopping apps before, but have never tried it. Only after reading reviews in your magazine, I thought to try shopping via mobile app for the very first time. Great Job, Apps Unveiled team J