The company SooLEGAL has come up with an Android app that aims to ease the client management process for the lawyers. The app is designed around the workflow of lawyers, and allows its users (Lawyers) to store any number of records of clients, cases and their status in an easy-to-use user interface.


According to Mr. Manish KaulDirector, SooLEGAL “This app is like an office assistant to the lawyers wherein they get reminders/status report/hearing date, make a log of court hearing and meetings which is something that is much needed but was missing. One of the unique features of the app is to manage multiple cases for a single client, hence reduce and automate the work flow. Hopefully this will be of great functional value to those associated with the legal fraternity.”


With the help of this app, lawyers can:


  • Manage Clients’ contact information and keep a record of every meeting and court hearing


  • Map multiple cases for a single client


  • Fix up appointments with new and existing clients


  • Send email notifications to clients on upcoming court dates


  • Add quick data to existing cases


  • Create, Manage and Share hearing date logs / Notes with clients


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android