New Delhi: SIGMA Special Services Group in association with Version Next Technologies today unveiled the most secured mobile communication suite on earth, “DirectBaat’’. The app comes with features such as direct messaging, file sharing, audio-voice calls as well as video conferences.


DirectBaat ensures optimum safety, enabling you to seamlessly share your data through your smartphones. The cutting-edge communication suite is the brainchild of Mr. Sachin Waze and Mr. Sanyog Shelar, and has undergone rigorous security assessments and testing on multiple benchmarks. The app will be priced at Rs. 25,000. However, it will be available at an introductory offer of Rs. 500 till 31st December 2018.


The communication suite adheres to all applicable regulations in India and offers unprecedented security for common citizens who are eying a reliable and secure mode of communication and document sharing platform.


Harnessing end-to-end encryption, DirectBaat allows one to message, talk, and share files with colleagues and clients with confidence via a single state-of-the-art application.


Unless data is encrypted, communications are not private. Every activity performed over the web passes through a layer of servers before it reaches its destination. It could be intercepted midway and read at any point. This could lead to endless possibilities of analysis of conversation/ communication and sharing further to various unknown vendors for various purposes. This is where encryption comes into the picture for ensuring your privacy.


The end-to-end encryption leveraged by DirectBaat also ensures that no third party can comprehend the communication between you and your conversational DirectBaat partner. Furthermore, the dynamic generation of crypto-keys makes the decryption of the messages impossible, making it the most secured communication tool on the earth.


“We have launched this application to build a real privacy environment for the citizens of our country. This application will help you to keep your privacy intact. Since DirectBaat operates on very secured and practically un-snoopable software and hardware platforms even we can’t read anything other than user’s registration information,’’ said Mr. Sachin Waze. “It’s  a small contribution to India’s step ahead towards creating a real sense and effect of ‘Privacy’ as well as marching towards a great feeling of un-snoopability which will result into confident communication.”


To further bolster the security and privacy of the platform users, DirectBaat ensures that no data of the users under any circumstances is stored on its servers. Guaranteeing a secured and fluidic conversation, it is the only solution for the large section of privacy-concerned individuals who need a communication medium which will have virtually no vulnerabilities related to privacy.


DirectBaat is available for download on Google Play store. The application post installation involves a brief registration process before you step into the world of secured communication.