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Our everyday lives are already filled with so many stressful matters of work and life, that our household chores become an added pressure. Be it the younger generation, office-going elderly people, or housewives, domestic help is always a sigh of relief for everyone. But not all of us have the privilege to have a domestic help ­– we are not talking about the affordability in terms of finance – thanks to our erratic work schedules, it is difficult to cooperate with domestic help given their tantrums these days. In such a scenario, we actually find ourselves juggling between multiple tasks on our to-do list, and filtering them basis priority. And the worst part? Weekends! While some ‘lucky ones’ get to relax on weekends, many have to face the stockpiled tasks, spending most of the time cleaning, running for repairs, and doing similar mundane tasks.


Well, thanks to the power of the internet and technology, we have some respite. Today, there are quite a handful of hyperlocal apps that can help you get your work done at ease and all you get to do is – RELAX! One such app that has been gaining attention is TimesaverzTimesaverz is India’s first marketplace for home-services. The company provides on-demand home service that connects you to verified and skilled service providers in your locality, providing the convenience to book home maintenance and repair services related jobs from the comfort of your couch.


About Timesaverz


Started by Debadutta Upadhayaya and Lovnish Bhatia, the company aims to help people organize their home jobs meticulously. The co-founders realized that today, the metro cities across India are filled with a vast migrant working population. While there are many online and printed classifieds available, but they furnish unverified and one-solution-fits-all information. This leaves a large void in the home service sector that needed addressing. The founders of Timesaverz, recognized this pain point and took it upon themselves to make home chore service seeking a simple and easy affair. Now, with a click on the mouse or a swipe on the mobile screen, qualified and verified home chore service providers can be booked in no time.


Four years into its journey, Timesaverz has provided curated support for various home services related needs ranging from deep cleaning tasks, home appliance repairs, pest control services, and handyman jobs. Based in Mumbai, Timesaverz operates in all the key metro cities, including Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. Timesaverz was successful in bringing a smile to over a lac faces so far through its services, and aims to expand its reach to many more Indian cities in 2018.


What makes Timesaverz unique?


Few other key players in this segment include UrbanClap, Quikr and Housejoy. According to the founders, Timesaverz’s USP lies in the product features that enables multiple service bookings in one go, a loyalty programme titled “earn minutes”, subscription packages that encourage repeat purchases and gift card options. Additionally, unlike some of the competitors, Timesaverz follows a fulfillment model and not just a lead based model. Plus, a feedback is taken from the customers once the service is completed to ensure that the quality of service was up to the mark.


To sum up, you must give Timesaverz app a try when you need help with any kind of home maintenance and repair service related job next time in order to find the right local help at your terms.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store