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March 19, 2017



We all love shopping online nowadays, mostly because it is convenient and we believe that we are getting a better price than buying from a local shop. But, wait and think for a moment: Is online shopping really the best and cheapest option all the time? What if you discover that the product you are planning to buy online is available at a better price at a shop near you? Would you still go ahead and buy online?


On second thoughts, maybe not. There is huge satisfaction in buying a product after a thorough check, get immediate delivery, with no hassles of returning and waiting for a refund. Per one of the customer surveys conducted by the Google, 3 out of 4 shoppers prefer to buy the desired product from a local shop provided they get some information beforehand, like which store(s) in vicinity have that product in stock and at what price, related products, store timings and directions to reach a store.


With that in mind and based on a personal experience, PriceMap Buyer app was developed by a serial entrepreneur Suresh Kabra along with Shishir Dubey, Co-founder. Currently, operational in Delhi/NCR, the PriceMap Buyer app helps shoppers discover shops in nearby markets offering the best price on the product they want to buy, even better than the on-line price!.




The PriceMap Buyer app is based on a very simple paradigm, i.e. Search –> Share –>Shop. You can search for products online on any of the popular e-commerce portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, and Flipkart or even brand websites like Titan, to name a few. Once you find online the product you want to buy, share the link of that page with PriceMap Buyer app installed on your phone. Upon sharing the link, PriceMap app will open and ask you to select nearby markets from where you prefer to buy that product and the time deadline by which you want to get notified about all the deals from shopkeepers.


After that, you’ll start getting notifications with best prices from shops in the markets you’ve selected. You can now go through the quote details and connect with multiple shops to get yourself the very best deal – DEALS EVEN BETTER THAN ONLINE! After buying the product from any of the selected shops, you can confirm the purchase within the app. This improves your ratings and entitles you to special offers by PriceMap Buyer from time to time. The app even includes a video on “How PriceMap Works” that you can watch to know more about the app and its usefulness.




The PriceMap Buyer app brings the convenience of online shopping to physical retail. It also breaks the myth that online is always cheaper. If you research online before buying anything, it enables you to find a local shop offering better than the online price for the same product. It believes in – JO BHI LENA HAI #DEKHKELO. It offers product discovery for categories like electronics, mobile phones, laptops, home and kitchen appliances, audio/video systems, luggage, and so on.


Essentially, what PriceMap has built is a search engine for physical retail, i.e. find out which shop in markets nearby has what you are looking for and offering the best deal. All in all, it is a must-have app for shopaholics and people who believe in #dekhkelo.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store

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