There is no doubt that you can use your phone’s camera to scan old paper photos in order to digitize them. But if you have lots of old paper photos that you want to digitize and bring back to life you’ll quickly find that using your phone for this purpose is an energy and time-consuming ordeal. Enter Photomyne, a smart and easy-to-use app that lets you scan entire photo album in minutes, manage and share them with people you care about, and back them up forever.


How it works: Well, Photomyne is the only photo scanning app that makes it possible to scan multiple photos in a single shot. This means you can flip through the pages of an old family photo album, and scan photos on each page by pointing your phone’s camera at them and holding it for about 3 seconds. Once you hear a click sound, you can move on to the next page. In other words, you can scan any batch of up to 4 photos at a time (perfect for scattered paper photos on a table). Just take care of the camera angle and flashlight to reduce glare and distortion.


As you go through the scanning process, the app will auto-detect, crop each photo in real-time and restore its faded colors using machine-learning technology. However, you can also view and edit original scan shots.


As soon as you’re done scanning, the app will save all the scanned photos into an album. You can then name the album, mention the year, location and people in the photos. You can also reorder photos in the album, choose the album cover photo, and move some of the photos to another album.


There is also an option to input details for every photo within the album, such as title and when and where that photo was taken. What’s more, the app also allows you to post your scanned photos to your Facebook timeline with the corresponding year associated with that memory. In other words, Photomyne enables you to fill in the time gap of your pre-Facebook years with key events by posting the newly discovered memories you scanned with it. And of course, you can share your scanned photos with loved ones via email, WhatsApp, or using any sharing option available on your phone.


In addition to Facebook sharing, the app also offers a “Discover” section where you can optionally share your old photos with other Photomyners, in an Instagram-like feed.


The free version of the app is good enough to explore what it can do for you, but you can also upgrade the app via in-app purchases for additional features like unlimited photo saving to the camera roll, unlimited album creations, cloud backup, photo filters, and syncing scanned photos across all devices you own. The upgraded version also allows you to access photos online anytime at Photomyne’s website.


To sum up, using your phone alone to scan old paper photos will take you a lot of time and you’ll have to do edits yourself, whereas the Photomyne app helps you save time without compromising on the quality of the photos.


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store