Sagoon Social Commerce App Launched- Enabling Users to Connect, Share, and Earn

January 9, 2018

New Delhi – US based start-up Sagoon Inc., the social commerce platform enabling its users to Connect, Share, and Earn, announced the launch of its mobile app within the Google Play Store. The app launch announcement comes with Sagoon opening doors for Indian consumers to invest in company’s 3rd round of crowd funding through debit/credit cards.


A social start up, Sagoon helps build intimacy between family, friends and co-workers, and earn while they socialize. The aspect which differentiates Sagoon from other similar social media platforms in the ecosystem, lies in its unique approach. It allows users to connect with other like-minded people and earn reward points in exchange of sharing their personal experiences through its virtual platform, thus, validating the company motto: CONNECT, SHARE, EARN.


We are thrilled to announce the availability of Sagoon app, and to enable our users in India to connect and share from their favorite Android mobile device. We’ve recognized that current social platforms do not meet the needs of the broader global audience, and we feel confidently that Sagoon will help to fill that void. Our social apps are designed to add value to users in their day-to-day life. A user is a member of the Sagoon Family. He or she gets a share of what the company earnssaid Mr. Govinda Giri, Founder and Architect, Sagoon.


Sagoon envisions to create a world where everyone makes money while socializing. In this regard, the company seeks to pioneer the monetization of social media, enabling its users to earn financial rewards while connecting with their friends and loved ones, and sharing experiences from their day-to-day lives.


Commenting on the launch, Ms. Swati Dayal, Co-Founder & Executive Director said, “This is an exciting time for the Company, as we have come up with a revolutionary step by being the first-ever company allowing potential investors in India to invest in Sagoon using their debit/credit cards. We are also planning to launch the Social Smart Card which will enable users to fulfil their shopping and gifting needs and earn monetary rewards while doing so. This will reinvent the concept of social gifting would improve people’s relationships making them cherish each moment spent with their loved ones.”


Scott Purcell, the CEO of Prime Trust and Fund America, saidSagoon is launching the very first Reg A of the crowdfunding industry that accepts credit cards and debit cards. I think it is a revolutionary step to allow potential investors to invest from the comfort of their homes. It will save them a lot of time and effort, and act as the cue to other fundraising companies to keep investors’ comfort in mind.”


The Company also announced it has raised $4.8M in funding, following the close of its first Regulation A+ offering on November 30, 2017. Of the $4.8M raised, $3.3M was secured through more than 3,000 investors within the Regulation A+ offering. The other $1.5M was secured through private funding.


Key features of Sagoon include:


  • My Day: Enhance your productivity and simplify your life by creating schedules, to-do lists, and setting reminders. Share these activities with your friends to plan meet-ups around your schedules.


  • Mood Talk: Mood Talk is a chat feature that enables users to communicate using “moods” rather than words, as a real-time expression for how you are feeling at a given time. Users can set custom moods to happy, sad, sick, etc., which vanish after 24 hours.


  • Secret: Secret allows users to learn, explore, and experience different ideas and communities within the comfort of an anonymous space. Users can share their secret to the public and seek advice without being judged, or send one-on-one secret messages that vanish after they are read.


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