New Delhi – You want to do more with your phone: watch more videos, play more games, snap more photos, share more of life’s experiences. For the person who always wants more, HTC today announced the HTC U11+, squeezing even more screen and battery into a more slender device. The HTC U11+ takes the popular HTC U11 and plus-sizes it with a 6” display, gigantic battery, and more in a stunning liquid surface body that is even slimmer than HTC U11. The HTC U11+ is priced at Rs. 56,990/- (MOP) and will be available in Amazing Silver1 colour on FlipKart from February 7, 2018 onwards. The device will soon be available in Ceramic Black colour.


The HTC U11+ lets you enjoy even more of life on your phone with:


A bigger screen on a smaller device: a 6” display with 18:9 aspect ratio will make the HTC U11+ your new favourite way to watch movies and play games – and it still fits comfortably in your hand.


Do more of everything for longer: a 3,930mAh battery you can depend on will set your mind at ease as you do more of the things you love for longer.


More intuitive than ever: Using the HTC U11+ is a breeze with one hand thanks to Edge Launcher, which lets you access notifications and all your apps with a single hand, and Edge Sense, which lets you squeeze to perform your most common useful actions.


And squeezed in even more: Amazing cameras, intelligent voice assistants, the loudest ever HTC BoomSound with 30% more volume, HTC USonic ear buds with Active Noise Cancellation, IP68 weather-resistant liquid surface design, and the latest Android Oreo™ experiences with Qualcomm ® power.


Elegant design: Elegant glass back that provides a delightful, intimate look and feel.


Amazing cameras


 The HTC U11+ comes equipped with an even better camera than the HTC U11, which was awarded a remarkable DxOMark Mobile score of 903. The new improvements in HTC U11+ will reward you with spectacular and crisp image quality.


 Full-sensor phase detection autofocus on the HTC U11+ is the same technology found in top DSLR cameras, while HDR Boost technology produces dynamic photographs without slowing down.


 The HTC U11+ offers the same award-winning video quality as the HTC U11. UltraSpeed autofocus captures clear video during action moments, and Acoustic Focus with 360° audio recording creates playback that sounds like you never left.