Are you in your bedroom?

Yeah, dad, what’s up?

Are all the doors in the house locked?

I don’t know…

Aren’t you downstairs?


Listen to me very carefully….

look out your window.

Is there a man down there?


You’re scaring me. What’s going on?

Please just look!!

OMG, dad, what is that?

DON’T take your eyes off him, Chloe!

What do you mean HIM?!

And if he texts you, DO NOT answer. Promise me!

What?! Why would it text me?


Okay. But….if you’re not here….

                                                                                    How do you know it’s out there?



That’s not important.

What matters is that…

You keep him in your sight.

As long as you’re looking at him….

He can’t move.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

But it’s true.

To hell with this…

I’m going to the safe room.



It’s not safe.


Do you know how hard it is…..

To text you AND watch it!


Just watch it.

I’m on my way home now.

I don’t understand any of this!

You just have to trust me.

I do. But that thing….

I know it’s scary, sweetheart.

No it’s….

I looked away for a second.

And it’s gone.

Damn it, Chloe…..

It’s not gone.

It’s inside the house.

It can’t be.

I looked away for less than second.

You don’t know this thing.

And YOU do?!?!?

I want answers, dad. NOW!



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Welcome to the world of fiction CHAT STORIES!


Dive into thrilling, and exciting chat stories that reveal themselves one dialogue at a time, as if you’re reading someone else’s chat conversation.


Will the next great novel be nothing more than a series of chat messages? Well, maybe not anytime soon. But there’s always a room to experiment with storytelling formats. The brand new storytelling format that is dominating the app charts for the past few months is CHAT STORIES – bite-sized, text-message-like stories. This new storytelling format may seem a little strange for readers who are used to reading paperback books or e-books, but at least young people are reading these Chat Stories, and that too with a lot of interest.


‘Chat Stories’ apps like Hooked, Tap, Lure and Yarn have soared to the top of the app charts and have hooked millions of mobile readers by successfully leveraging smartphone functionality – the simple text message, as ‘Chat Stories’ are visually presented in a text messaging-style format.




Chat stories are stories told through back-and-forth chat messages. It’s like eavesdropping on someone else’s text conversations.


This new storytelling format is taking the internet by storm because chat stories reveal only one dialogue at a time, with one tap. Instead of turning pages, you are supposed to tap the screen to bring on the next chat message. The anticipation for the next message leaves you in a constant state of suspense.


Whether you love reading Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Comedy, Sci-fi, or Romantic stories, ‘Chat Stories’ apps got you covered. This is worth mentioning that ‘Chat Stories’ apps follow a subscription-based pricing model, which means there is a limit on how much you can read at once. After a certain number of taps, the story gets locked for about 30 minutes (in most of the cases), leaving you with two options. Either wait for 30 minutes to read further, or pay for a weekly/monthly subscription.


Most of the ‘Chat Stories’ apps also allow you to create and upload your own chat stories within the app. So, what are you waiting for? Unfold the fictional world of ‘Chat Stories’ full of suspense, thriller, horror and drama with apps like Hooked, Tap, Lure, and Yarn.





By Telepathic

Available on: iOS, Android

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  • Hooked is the app that started the concept of Chat Stories in 2015.


  • On December 2, 2016, Hooked became the most downloaded iPhone app on the U.S. App Store.


  • From horror to mystery, paranormal to suspense, romance to comedy and drama, Hooked app has a wide collection of chat stories to keep you hooked for hours. You can also ‘like’ the story, share the story, or leave a comment on it once you’re finished reading it.



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  • Whether you’ve 5 minutes or 50 minutes, you’ll always find a story you can’t put down. Since its debut, Tap by Wattpad app has seen over 130 million taps.


  • Tap app comes up with fresh new chat stories every week with Tap Originals. Also, the app recommends ‘Top Picks’ and ‘Best of Tap’ chat stories daily.


  • If you have a story to tell, Tap app also lets you create interactive stories in a variety of languages using a combination of text, images, and emojis.



By Science Mobile, LLC

Available on: iOS, Android

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Subscription Cost: ₹126.92/week (for monthly subscription)

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  • Yarn is an app that has grown rapidly since ‘Chat Stories’ apps caught readers’ attention.


  • Yarn lets you read only one story a day, and that too of its own choice. To unlock all 100+ Yarn stories, you need to go for a paid subscription.


  • Yarn will cost you ₹126.92/week in case of a monthly subscription, whereas ₹52.88/week in case of a yearly subscription.



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  • Lure app is the new kid on the block. No sooner than you launch the app, it welcomes you with a message that reads: ‘We can’t wait to have you read your first story. Lure, our little ghost is super pumped!’


  • Lure app features hundreds of interesting chat stories across categories like horror, comedy, mystery, and romance, to name a few. Chat Stories like Truth or Dare, Halloween Hunt, Hide and Seek are some of the trending stories on Lure.


Note: All ‘Chat Stories’ apps follow more or less same subscription model and offer similar user interface. Prices mentioned here are subject to change and may differ for Android and iOS users.