AI-powered app Lark is like a personal health and weight loss coach in your pocket. Developed by researchers at Harvard and Stanford University, using artificial intelligence in a very conversational way, Lark helps keep track of what you’re eating, your exercise, and your sleep. It uses your iPhone’s motion sensors and Health app data (or Google Fit data if you’re an Android user) to track your sleep and fitness activity, and then it analyzes your data, helping you understand what changes you can incorporate into your daily routine to live a healthier, stress-free life. You can also log your meals if you wish Lark to provide you healthy eating tips that fit your lifestyle.




Getting started with Lark is as easy as installing the app and signing up. Just carry your phone around as you usually do, and Lark will pick your activity and sleep data automatically. For tracking sleep, Lark assumes that you’re sleeping between the time you last check your phone at night and the first time you check your phone in the morning, confirmed by how long your phone stays stationary. Note: If you check your phone frequently between when you sleep and wake up, then it might not give you accurate results. However, Lark notifies you about the same and asks you to confirm your sleep duration.


The intuitive chat-based user interface also allows you to log your fitness activity manually. You can log your walking, running, biking, and workout sessions, along with notes. Additionally, you can check-in anytime to tell Lark about your mood, your accomplishments (such as went to bed early, spent time with family, made time for activity, and so on), and your energy level (for example, feeling sick, tired, or well-rested).


Lark takes all this info into account whilst sharing useful coaching insights about your activity, sleep and eating habits. Every time you check in, Lark chats with you, sharing details like you were active only for 10 minutes today – am I missing any activity that you did without your phone?, it looks like you sleep an average of about 6 hours 20 minutes per night – you could probably get a bit more beauty sleep in, and so on. By reminding you of patterns in your life, it can help you identify and keep good habits and form new positive ones for a better lifestyle.




Weight Tracking and meal logging features are available as in-app purchases (Rs.1200 per month). By subscribing to these features you’ll get an access to a personalized 16-week weight loss program, unlimited nutritional coaching, and 24/7 weight loss support. Lark gives you real-time advice on your meals, and advises lifelong habits and skills that you can develop to keep the weight off for good.


Best Part? With Lark, there’s no need to search for calorie counts or weigh your food­ — just text to Lark about what you had in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or throughout the day, and it will analyze your meal and share whether it’s nutritious or not, and what you should add to your diet in order to nutritionally balance your meals. Basically, Lark can obtain a surprisingly comprehensive picture of your diet by simply tracking the type of food you ate. Lark focuses on your meal’s nutritional value instead of calories consumed.




The AI-driven chat-based personal health coach Lark is actually friendly, and learns your habits, such as when you sleep, what you eat, and how active you are. You just need to give 2-5 minutes every day to Lark to understand your daily routine.


Learning from your daily habits, Lark provides realistic, in-the-moment health goals and suggestions to help you stay on track, drawing its knowledge from a database put together by a team of behavioral change experts, fitness experts, nutritionists and sleep experts. Must say, Lark is extremely positive and shares encouraging messages to keep you going strong. You should give it a try. It is free, after all.


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store