After several weeks of Beta testing within the Indian market, lsle of Fortune Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based mobile gaming developer, launched its first global product ‘Isle of Fortune’. The first of its kind, Isle of Fortune provides players the opportunity to win multiple cash awards showcasing knowledge, skill and speed. Players compete against their own knowledge level and ultimately against the clock in pursuit of the winner’s award.


The game challenges your competitive spirit as you compete globally against like-minded players. It features two types of unique quizzes (free and paid) that offer cash prizes as awards.


According to a press release, a free quiz called ‘Isle of Fortune’ runs every day from 00:01 hours GMT to 23:59 hours GMT with an award of USD 100, and a paid quiz called ‘The Grand Game’ runs for the duration of one week from the Monday of every week at 00:01 hours GMT to the Sunday of that week at 23: 59 hours GMT with an award of USD 1000. In both the cases, the user with the best score in the fastest time will be declared as a winner.


“I am delighted to launch our first global Quiz, which will be the first of many unique formats and themes within this exciting knowledge domain,” said Arjun Rao, Managing Director of Isle of Fortune Pte. Ltd.


He further added,  “Our quiz game targets everyone with a passion for learning, people who like competing on a global level against people from all walks of life.”


In addition to India, the game will soon be available in Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Africa, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia (except the state of Queensland), New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and select states within the United States of America by the end of July 2017. Note: In India, the game is available in all cities and states except Tamil Nadu and Nagaland.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store