Welcome to Grammaropolis, where grammar lives! This is a great app for parents and teachers to help kids learn the parts of speech through interactive videos, illustrated short books and quizzes.


The app uses the parts of speech as animated characters whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence. These animated characters interact with one another in the imaginary world of Grammaropolis in ways that make learning grammar more fun and engaging. For example, Nelson Noun worries about losing work to Roger Pronoun, whereas Connie conjunction always tries that everyone get along.


Kids can learn about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, interjections, prepositions, and conjunctions by watching fun music videos, reading illustrated books, and participating in quizzes for assessment. The app explains each part of speech in depth. For instance, the Nouns section first defines what is a noun, and then its types, i.e. common/proper nouns, concrete/abstract nouns, and collective/compound nouns with examples.


The app is free to download, but the free version allows you to access only Nouns. Other parts of speech can be unlocked via in-app purchases.


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store