Giphy, Inc., one of the world’s most popular stashes of GIFs on the Internet, has launched Giphy Says, a new camera app, which turns “your words into GIFs” as you record a 5-seconds long video clip.


Essentially, Giphy Says is the camera you talk to. And it is too simple to use. Just tap the ‘Record’ button on the screen and speak loud and clear to add some text (or say subtitles) to your video clip. The app will automatically convert your voice into text and creates a looping GIF out of the video. You can then share your GIF with others via Messenger, Instagram, or Twitter, for example. You can save it to your camera roll as well.


The app also includes a wide variety of text styles and filters to choose from before creating GIFs. You can change the text style by swiping the screen left and right, and filters can be applied by swiping the screen up and down. Not just that, you can also slide your finger up and down while recording a clip to zoom in and out. Furthermore, the app allows you to move and resize the text on the ‘Share’ screen in addition to allowing you to tap the text to punctuate it. Note that you can record a clip in horizontal mode as well and both front and rear camera can be used.


Giphy Says uses Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology to convert what you say into text and that works surprisingly well most of the time. Text styles are also quite interesting. For example, there is one text style that turns everything you say into emoji. Interesting, isn’t it?


To sum up, Giphy Says offers a new take on GIF and video message sharing. The app makes it quick and easy to create looping GIFs and audio-less videos with animated speech bubbles or captions that read what’s being said while recording a clip. With a selection of text styles and filters, it enables you to share images, greetings, statuses, and video messages that are more fun and dynamic.


Price: Free

Available on: iOS

Download the app from :app_store