As Diwali is the festival of joy and celebrations with great pomp and show, fireworks play a significant role in increasing its charm among all age-groups. Whether they are kids, youngsters, or older people, everybody enjoy the fireworks like twinkling anaars, furious rockets, cyclonic ground discs (phirki), and so.


Fireworks Arcade, created by Big Duck Games LLC, is one such fun filled application for people of all age groups who love crackers. This app showcases superb virtual fireworks with the help of multi-touch and attractive graphics. The sound effects of all the fireworks are unique and create a realistic fireworks experience for its users.


With this app on your phone, you can play multiple Arcade Games that let you have virtual fun with colourful crackers. Simply follow the instructions during the start of the game and create brilliant displays of light and sound with one tap on your mobile screen.


Apart from the games, the app also includes Fireworks Show. Multiple taps on your screen lights a beautiful rainbow of fireworks formed out of various shapes and effects. Along with that, you can even enjoy automatically generated display of the fireworks. All in all, you can experience a totally new and interesting way to doodle with fireworks on your smartphone screens.


So, download this fantastic, safe and pollution free cracker substitute app for your little kids and have a safe Diwali!


Price: Free

Available on:Android, iOS and Windows

Download the app from : androidapp_storewindow