Are you switching between apps frequently? Or leaving your current app activity to google places of interest like a restaurant, cinema hall, or for shopping, hotel booking, etc.? Multitasking is now really easy with the Xploree smart keyboard. All of us know the keyboard as just a useful tool that helps with auto corrections and word predictions. The Xploree keyboard does all that and more with its CrossApp feature and intent rich discoveries.


How it Works: Imagine you are discussing about buying/ordering/choosing a perfect gift for a friend’s birthday in your WhatsApp group. The Xploree keyboard will understand your intent to buy a gift, also intercept a possible plan for dinner and then suggest relevant recommendations from the likes of Flipkart and Zomato instantaneously.


You no longer need to exit any existing activity or a chat when looking online – Meaning, you don’t need to skip your chat window – jump to another app – look for different options – then check in to the chat once again to resume the discussion. As you might have noticed, this entire process involves too many interjections and speed breakers that affect your conversation. And, that’s where Xploree keyboard comes in real handy for situations where you tend to plan, check, book, order, suggest, comment and share, all at the same time.


To put it otherwise, you constantly express yourself while chatting – sharing your deeper intents, desires, motives, likes and dislikes. This thinking keyboard comes calling right on the mobile keyboard as soon as you start planning. In a way, it tells – “Help is just a tap away, just in case you need it!”.


Xploree has partnered with the industry’s best such as Zomato, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, FirstCry, HouseJoy, and Dailymotion among others to create serendipitous discoveries for users in their mobile moments. Thereby setting new benchmarks in consumer engagement and experience.


Powered by predictive linguistics and Machine Learning, the Xploree keyboard is also multilingual. Over the past year, its popularity has soared with close to 2.5 million users using it as their preferred keyboard.


What’s More: The Xploree keyboard comes packed with hundreds of keyboard themes to compliment users’ mood and 1200+ emoticons to make conversations more interesting. Additionally, it supports 110+ languages, including 29 regional Indian languages. One can switch the language with a single swipe on the space bar. And yes, the Xploree Keyboard is safe to use and does not capture, store or map users’ data. The only data thread that hits the server is the context and even that dies with the closing of the keyboard session.


To sum up, Xploree Keyboard is setting new benchmarks in consumer engagement and experience by offering user-initiated discoveries. Replacing your Android phone’s ordinary keyboard with Xploree’s brainy cum intent matching keyboard is therefore your best bet to go CrossApp.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore with Xploree now!!


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android