Presenting Walnut, an app that helps you manage your daily expenses and bill payments, but with a different approach. The app automatically detects your spends from the messages you receive from your bank and merchants on doing an online or card transaction, and then makes a note of each expense, due bills and account balance in an intuitive interface so that you know where your money is going. It is worth noting that the app always works in auto-mode, so it requires zero input from the user. However, you are supposed to add your cash expenses manually. Note: ATM withdrawals are marked as expense by default.


Apart from tracking your personal expenses every day, you can also use this app to track, split and settle expenses with friends and others. Just create a group within the app by adding friends from your phonebook and once the group is created, you can enter expense details and split the amount in the ratio you want. Your friends can also add expenses borne by them in the same group. The app will smartly organize all the expenses and tell you how much money you owe to others and how much you’ll get from others. Best of all, you can pay or request money right there using the WalnutPay feature. This requires you to input your Debit Card or bank account details within the app. Your friends also need to add their bank account or Debit Card details on WalnutPay to receive money in their account.


What’s more, considering today’s scenario where the demonetization drive has left a lot of us hunting for ATMs with cash nearby – the most useful feature of this app is that it helps you find ATMs with cash near your location. It even tells you when the ATM was last active and the length of the queue at the ATM.


To sum up, Walnut is a must-have app for everyone and you’ll realize its usefulness once you start using this app to manage your day-to-day expenses. Worth downloading!


Walnut’s features at a glance:


 Find ATMs with Cash near you in real-time
 Track your personal expenses every day and get to know where you spend most of your monthly income, for instance, entertainment, rent, travel, shopping, etc.
 Set monthly budget to control your expenditures
 Add a bill reminder for EMIs, Credit Card payment, Insurance premium, DTH, etc. with its monthly/quarterly/yearly repeatability.
 Split, Chat and Settle expenses with friends
 Add your bank account or Debit Card details to send and receive money via app.


Please Note:

1. The app ensures that it reads only those messages that you receive from bank and merchants, which means it doesn’t read OTPs and messages you receive from a 10-digit mobile number.


2. The iOS version of the app doesn’t support automatically tracking of your expenses as it can’t read your text messages due to restrictions imposed by Apple. iOS users can use this app to split bills with friends; send and receive money via WalnutPay; and find ATMs with cash nearby.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store