‘You & me together can make this planet a beautiful one’. With a ‘thought’ so beautiful and heartfelt, vPledge app has been developed by Bengaluru-based teenagers to motivate people to come forward & contribute towards social


Developed by teenage students, 12-year-old Prateek Mahesh and 13-year-old Priyal Jain, and launched by AcadGlid (technology education startup), vPledge stimulates the general public to pick up and fulfill social causes like plant 10 trees, donate food to 10 people, use public transport only and others. The app is linked to Facebook so that you can tell your friends about a noble cause you’ve chosen, motivating them to take a pledge as well.


On successful completion of a pledge, vPledgers, as the app’s users are called, are allowed to share the accomplishment on social media channels, tag and challenge friends to take a pledge and also grab points that can be redeemed. Overall, it is a great app with small attainable goals towards achieving a bigger & significant mission. Furthermore, developers have plans to collaborate with NGOs in the near future to popularize the pledges. Their aim is to hit one million downloads in six months.


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android