If the train ticket you are looking for is in waiting list, no need to worry. Another route on the same train may offer you a confirmed ticket for the same destination and Ticket Jugaad, a new mobile app, will help you find that option.


Developed by two students, Runal Jaju of IIT Kharagpur and Shubham Baldava of NIT Jamshedpur, the mobile application uses a unique algorithm to find out alternative routes on the same train for getting a confirmed seat. Every station has its quota of tickets. This limitation is what Ticket Jugaad has cashed upon.


Runal Jaju explained, “There are some station-wise quotas for ticket booking. For example, if you are booking a ticket from station A, it might show waiting list but when you book it from a previous station you might get the confirmed ticket. If you try to find out such stations manually it becomes tough, but our app has automated this.”


Ticket Jugaad mobile app uses the shortcomings of IRCTC as its strength. When a person books a railway ticket on IRCTC website, he has to mention the source and destination station of his journey. As a result, one can only see the trains available on the route between the two particular stations. However, there is no way to get alternative route options between other nearby stations. And that’s where Ticket Jugaad app comes into the picture, solving this major problem.


In cases of unavailable tickets, as shown by IRCTC, the unique and efficient algorithm of Ticket Jugaad app automatically finds available tickets from stations before or after your boarding station and also provides you the maximum path that can be covered with a confirmed ticket in your preferred class of travel.


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android