If you love playing Tetris, connect the dots and other similar classic games, then Slidey: Block Puzzle definitely worth your attention. Slidey is a classic tile-matching puzzler, just with enough unique, quirky twists to offer something compellingly different. However, the goal of the game is simple – move blocks horizontally to create and clear full rows.


Colorful Graphics full of creativity and cuteness


The moment you install the game, you’ll fall in love with its gorgeous and cute graphics. Even the gameboard looks like a chest of a giant monster just waiting to end your match by gobbling up your blocks if you won’t be able to clear the rows from the gameboard.


Addictive Gameplay


Slidey: Block Puzzle has simple rules. As the building blocks of varying sizes rise from the base, you’ve got to horizontally slide these blocks in order to make gaps for other blocks to fill. Once a row is completed, it’s removed from the gameboard and points are awarded. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Well, sort of. But, in Slidey, you can only move blocks horizontally – there is no option to rotate the blocks to your advantage.


When a certain number of rows are cleared, the game enters a new level, and you get to unlock power-up boosters. Power-up boosters allow you to remove blocks of the dominant color from the gameboard, weaken certain blocks, or smash large blocks into smaller pieces.


Thanks to Slidey’s addictive gameplay and distinctive style, you’ll find yourself saying ‘let me play it once more’ even if you are playing it for the 10th time that day. You can even challenge your friends on Facebook to beat your high score.


Honestly, there are no cons to the game, except that it is extremely addictive and a perfect way to spend a few spare minutes.


Price: Free

Available on: iOS

Download the app from :app_store