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We all take screenshots to save and share recipes, news, travel plans and more. We all know that screenshots mean still images. Right? What if you could bring them to life? Meet Popshot, the smart browser for your smartphone that changes the way you explore, save and share the web, by letting you take interactive screenshots.


Popshot is basically an easy-to-use browser, with a USP. It can store the link of the website page within your screenshot. So, here’s how it works. Launch the Popshot app, browse any web app or website on Google Search, and then take a screenshot of the page that you would like to either save for your future reference or want to share with someone else. The app will replace the boring static full resolution screenshot with a compressed interactive screenshot, which it calls “Popshot.”


The app also allows you to post a comment on the screenshot (means popshot) at the time of sharing, and the recipient will get an option to reply on the same with one tap. The moment the recipient click on a popshot it will become a live and interactive web page, allowing him/her to explore it further. However, the recipient must have the Popshot app already installed on his/her phone.


To sum up, Popshot app aims to change the way we share information online. Instead of web links or static screenshots, share live and interactive popshots from now on.


Available on: iOS, Android

Price: Free