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We all must have those memories that have been captured by us or our family members before the advent of smartphones, saved in some physical photo albums. If you wish to share those memories with your loved ones on social media sites or just want to have digital records of those photographs, you can take the help of Photo Scan App by Photomyne that not only lets you scan multiple physical photographs in a single shot but also offers exciting features, such as ‘Colorize black-and-white photos’.


“Photo Scan App by Photomyne” lets you scan not just multiple photos at once but also multiple pages of a photo album simultaneously. You don’t even need to worry about removing each photo from its binder, meaning you can simply flip through the pages of an old photo album, and scan photos on the double-page spread just by pointing your phone’s camera at the page and firmly holding it for about three seconds. The app will itself separate individual photographs, pulling each in as a standalone, high-quality shot. It even automatically detects the edges of your photographs to crop and removes all unwanted background (e.g., the table your photos are lying on) while saving your photographs as you scan.


Once you’re done with the scanning process, you can give a title to each photograph and add voice notes to better savour the memories. The app lets you add every single detail from when and where a photograph was taken to who is in it.


Though the app automatically enhances each scanned photo and restores the faded colors, you also get the option to apply the filters of your choice. The main highlight of this app is ‘Colorize’ feature that lets you bring your old black and white photographs to life. However, it’s not perfectly accurate, and don’t expect the results to be as bright and vivid as the photos you’d capture with your smartphone today. Nevertheless, adding the subtle elements of color to your old black and white photographs could liven up your past memories. What’s more, the app lets you create photo collages and video slideshows so that you could share your digitally-recreated beautiful old memories on social media sites.


Talking about the in-app purchases, the upgrade lets you scan unlimited paper photographs and have their backup online. You can even sync your Photomyne account across all your devices and access all your scanned photographs any time on the Photomyne’s official website. Moreover, features like photo design effects and creations (such as B&W photo colorization) are part of the upgrade. It can be said that the app’s free version only lets you have an idea about how it works, which means you’ll need to pay for one of its subscription plans to take the advantage of its photo scanning and sharing capabilities.


To sum up, Photo Scan App by Photomyne could help you surprise your loved ones by putting their old paper photographs online in a beautiful photo collage that they would have never thought of.


Available on: iOS , Android

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)