Developed by e-FRACTAL Ltd., PhoneCopy is the cross platform backup and data synchronization mobile application. The app allows you to create a backup of your contacts, events, notes and messages and syncs them across all the devices you own.


With PhoneCopy you can save the copy of your crucial data in the cloud, keep an archive of deleted data and transfer the data between two devices. To use the app, you need to create a user account so that your data can be stored on the PhoneCopy servers. After creating an account, simply tap on the Synchronize button and you have all of your data safely stored in the Cloud. To import the contacts on a new device, open the PhoneCopy application on a new device and sign into it using the existing account credentials. After this, tap on the Synchronize button, select the synchronization type and you are done.


The app is available mostly for all smartphones and also works with some feature phones that support synchronization over a data connection. You can check if your feature phone is supported or not on Once your data is saved in their servers, you can access and edit them from anywhere by just logging in from any web browser. The app keeps track of all the changes made to the contacts, so you can easily restore accidentally deleted information from their archives. It should be noted that in the free version, you can create a backup of only 500 contacts. Overall, the app is straightforward and works pretty well.


Price: Free

Available on:Android, iOS, Windows and Nokia

Download the app from : androidapp_storewindow