Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, Flappy Bird Creator’s  New Game, is an excellent waste of time!


Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has released a new free game on iOS and Android. It’s called Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, and mind you, it is as frustratingly difficult and addictive as Nguyen’s previous games – Flappy Bird and Swing Copters.


Japan’s Obokaidem teamed up with Nguyen, who lives in Vietnam and runs his own studio, to create the game. They’re hoping it will click with the crowd of folks who just can’t stop playing a game that endlessly frustrates them.




Ninja Spinki Challenges!! is all about reflexes and keeping calm under pressure. You play as a ninja and the moment you attempt the game for the very first time, you’ll find that it is frustratingly difficult and addictive. With enemies of increasing difficulty attacking you from all sides, you’ll find yourself struggling to survive a few seconds in the game.


Unlike only one endless mode in the Flappy Bird, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! includes 6 mini-game challenges, each involving different mechanics to survive. Each mini-game includes 5 difficulty levels for a total of 30 set challenges. The first round of each game is deceptively easy and requires you to survive for 10 seconds and the second trial isn’t that difficult – you just need to survive for 20 seconds, but by the time you get to round three of each mini-game, where you have to survive for a longer time against increasingly dangerous challenges and number of enemies, it really ramps up.


Here’s a deal


As you know that surviving just for 10 seconds in each of the challenges is quite a difficult task, there is an option to bring a ninja back to life by watching a 30-seconds long video ad. This lets you start the game from the same point where you died. But there is a catch. You can only do this once per attempt, so if you die twice in the game, you’ll just have to try it again from the start.


Endless Mode


Each of the first six mini-game challenges requires you to survive for 10 seconds, and when you manage to do that, the endless mode gets unlocked for each challenge. In the endless mode, your aim is to survive as long as you can, much like Flappy Bird.


Given that these mini-games are just as complex as the stupidly addictive Flappy Bird, it’s entirely possible to become obsessed with a single game in this collection when played on Endless Mode.




If you are a fan of “just one more go” types of games, you can’t afford to miss Ninja Spinki Challenges!!. Go ahead and challenge your reflexes!


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store