Whether you’re looking for the most happening Live DJ parties in town or indie music shows to spend a musical evening, or any other interesting gig that you could attend with your buddies, Nearify app can help you discover all the events that’s happening near and far. Based on your mood and taste, the app displays a list of events happening within 60 km radius of your current location. The best part about this app is that it can be used by the people across the globe. So, if you’re travelling to a new city / country to celebrate your Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you can give Nearify app a try to locate trending events and parties that you could attend there.


How it works: The moment you open the app, it asks you to sign up and choose your interests from a scrolling list. There are options like Live DJ, rock music, Bollywood theme parties, food festivals, concerts, karaoke nights, comedy shows, and musical theatre to name a few. Based on your choices, the app presents you with a curated list of events that you can attend to spend a memorable time with your family and friends, or even solo. The app also recommends popular events near you, in addition to events that your Facebook friends are attending. Additionally, you can also follow your favourite artists and places so that you never miss out on any upcoming event. So, what are you waiting for? Give this app a try now!


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store