Dreams! We all dream!! There are many things to do in a lifetime. Perhaps you may want to do bungee jumping or skydiving. You may wish to swim with a dolphin or simply wish to dance like a fool. After all, we all have a list of things that we want to do in this life.


My Life List is an app which helps you manage your goals and wishes, and works as a motivator for you. In other words, it is a tool that motivates you to stay focused on your life goals.


The app lists over 150 ideas that you can pick to add it to your wish list, or you can simply pen down your wishes with title and description to create your wish list. Plus, there is an option to categorize your wishes as personal, sport, learning, creative to name a few. You can also add images and videos for each wish in your wish list. Not only that, with the unique map view you can easily see what you’ve achieved, and what your future goals are.


The app also includes statistics showing your progress that you can share with your friends through the usual social networks. It also gives you a dose of daily inspiration through motivational quotes and ideas. And, needless to say, the user interface of the app is simply mind-blowing and beautiful, so as a user you’ll never give this app a miss. The way this app presents your progress through the Life List Map and statistics, it motivates you to achieve more and more.


All said, this is the must-have for all iPhone users. Get this app; make a bucket list of your New Year resolutions and dreams and get going!!


Price: Free

Available on:iOS

Download the app from : app_store