Almost all of us have been through situations where we had to hum through a song because the lyrics just failed us! Incorrect lyrics can completely ruin the song. Well, not anymore! Now, you can enjoy your music perfectly sync with the lyrics ˗ all thanks to the musiXmatch, the most exhaustive catalogue of lyrics for singing enthusiasts.

What’s amazing about this app is that no matter what song under the sun you’re looking for, you will find the lyrics right here. When you launch it first, you’ll see your phone’s music/video gallery on the app’s main screen. From there, play any song and see its live lyrics right on your mobile screen. Not just lyrics, musiXmatch also gives you the link to download the song from, an option to edit the lyrics, and quick access to top tracks and albums of the artists who have sung the chosen song. And if you choose, you can also remove the song’s vocals to sing over the top. Cool, isn’t it?

The app also allows you to search for lyrics for any song, simply by typing the song name, artist or few words of the song in the given search tab. What’s more, one hit on “MusicID” button lets you identify lyrics for the music playing around you, and also produce details such as artist name, discography, and album details, among others. Plus, the app keeps you updated with trending lyrics. And best of all, “FloatingLyrics” feature available for music streaming apps like Spotify or Rdio ensures that you have the best of lyrical experiences.

The most stunning feature is “Chromecast” which allows you to project the lyrics on to your TV, giving you the big-screen experience and assisting in group singing. But this feature requires in-app purchases. And yes, you can also save your favourite songs within the app.

Simply put, this app is an ultimate source to explore music and its lyrics on the move. So, go ahead, download and let the song play. And don’t forget to sing along!

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on:Android, iOS and Windows

Download the app from : androidapp_storewindow