Murmur app is a refreshingly new way to get the stories that matter to you. Rather than bombarding you with unnecessary information that will waste your time, it sends you a daily digest of the most trending stories of the day. The content is a blend of photos, videos, GIFs, news and blogs. Must say, the content provided by this app is quite interesting and pure infotainment.


As soon as you launch the app, it asks you to pick a language (either English or Hindi) and then interest areas from the options like movies, fashion, tech & startups, sports, food, relationships, politics, etc., so that it will get you only those news and stories that matter to you.


There’s a daily digest of the most important stories from the topics you have picked, and you also get to know about how much a topic is trending in the virtual world. It’s like your very own news capsule that will not only keep you aware of what’s happening, but also help you form opinions you can base your social conversations on.


The interface of the app is minimalistic, intuitive, colorful and vibrant, which is also a USP of it. Another thing that makes this app brilliant is that it does not reproduce the content from secondary sources; it simply showcases the headline in a visual layout and links it to the source. It also allows you to bookmark the story you like, with an option to share it with friends.


Apart from user generated content and original content created by the in-house content team, Murmur app also offers curated content from popular sources like ScoopWhoop, Logical Indian, Indiatimes and Storypick. The daily digest comes up at 6 every evening, giving you your news and entertainment shot of the day.


Long story short, it’s an app that simplifies your life while keeping you well-informed. There is no flip side as such. Go ahead, get this app and start murmuring!


Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows

Download the app from : androidapp_storewindow