After the great success of the first chapter, on the App Store comes Monsu2, a title that brings many innovations as you continue to search for the mysterious treasure left by the God of Monsu. In this collectible card-based action platformer, you control Monsu – a green monster who runs automatically to the right of the screen, and your job is to prevent Monsu from dying whilst collecting diamonds on the path and making it stronger by building up a card collection using the in-game currencies. This card-collecting mechanic lets you tailor your running experience, and makes the gameplay a bit different from other auto-runners out there.   




Monsu2 is a level-based action platformer spread across different adventurous ancient ruins in the ‘World’ mode, with daily quests and achievements to unlock. Each level has missions to accomplish to get a 3-star rank, for instance, defeat 10 enemies to get 2 stars, or collect 900 diamonds for 3 stars. At the end of the each level, you’ll be rewarded with gold coins and a free card (at times). These gold coins can be used to buy cards to build up your character’s strength.


You can also compete with other players in real-time in the ‘Arena’ mode and this is your chance to climb up to the top of the world tree.


Talking about the game controls, everything is controlled with taps. Tap once to jump over gaps, spikes, enemies and other obstacles, and double-tap to jump higher. Randomly-appearing powerups such as magnets help you attract all nearby diamonds, and shields, on the other hand, give you a short boost of invincibility. And if you collect enough diamonds, the ‘FEVER’ mode will get activated, where it’s just you and a heap of diamonds to pick up and this brings you closer to that 3-star rank.


You also have to battle with boss in each ancient ruin before moving on to the next clue. In the ‘boss’ level, diamonds are replaced by boomerangs that you throw at a hulking creature aka boss who is hell-bent on killing you.


Collect Amazing Cards


So, is this just another auto-runner where you collect coins, boost your powers using those coins and your only aim is to run as far as you can without screwing up? The answer is NO. The twist in the Monsu2 is that you’ve got three card slots. These can be equipped with a variety of different collectible monsters at the start of a level. These monsters play a role of your friends, helping you deal with various obstacles on your way.


The cards are of great help. For instance, ‘Gorilla’ card when equipped causes a deadly earthquake with its fists every 11seconds, while using a ‘Fairy Bow’ card you can shoot a magic arrow at your enemy.


There are 40+ cards to collect, and they can be bought using the gold coins, but which card you’ll get is a pure luck. You can also upgrade your cards for the ultimate advantage and evolve your own boss using the cards you’ve got to defeat other players in the ‘Arena’ mode.


Final Thought


If you’re not bored of auto-runners and looking for a new action platformer with a twist, Monsu2 could be your pick. It is a thoroughly enjoyable game loaded with stunning graphics, collectible cards, tricky levels, and fun-looking characters.


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : app_store