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There must be no excuse for you not to learn self-defense techniques. Meet Mighty. It’s a kind of self‑defense fitness program designed especially for women. Mighty pairs daily fitness training with powerful self‑defense techniques, so women around the world can learn to protect themselves while working out.


3 Reasons to download Mighty – Self Defense Fitness app:


Complete Self-defense Video-based course.


Mighty gives you the tools to unleash your inner power, live without fear, and take action when needed. You can subscribe to Mighty’s self-defense fitness training program that teaches you simple yet effective self-defense techniques one by one, starting from the fail-safe position to the powerful strikes, and escape moves. There’s also an option to subscribe to Scenario Training for a crash course in self-defense.


Knowing when and how to use self-defense techniques dramatically improves preparedness in the face of a threat.


Mighty’s unique program follows a holistic approach that places equal emphasis on mental empowerment and physical skills. You’ll get to learn effective boundary setting, awareness and verbal techniques, as well as how to react quickly to threats with powerful strikes and badass escape moves.


Make self-defense your new workout routine.


Mighty uses self-defense techniques as a novel way to help you get in shape and boost your self-confidence. It starts with a beginners’ boot camp, then helps you gradually build upper and lower body strength until you’re ready for an intense full-body workout. So, as you learn to fend off an attack—you’ll burn fat, build lean muscle, and sculpt your best body.



Available on: iOS

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)