Stream LIVE devotional content, listen to bhajans and access on-demand videos on Horoscope, Gyan Mantra and more.


Even though a large number of people look for astrology-related, devotional & spiritual content every day, finding the most relevant and latest content is a difficult task with limited options if one does not count television. In order to provide a solution, NexGTv launched its exclusive devotional app, iFaith. Whether you prefer to watch devotional movies or listen to bhajans or just want to know your daily horoscope – iFaith app got you covered.


With live streaming facility and on-demand videos from popular devotional channels such as Darshan 24, Disha TV, Divya, Iswar TV, etc. available as a part of the catalogue, iFaith app users can enjoy the diverse selection on offer to meet their daily dose of devotional content.


Speaking about the launch, Abhesh Verma, COO, nexGTv, said, “Devotional content is currently the third most viewed genre on our platform, after news and comedy. Keeping the high demand for daily horoscope, devotional songs and discourse videos in mind, we have decided to launch an exclusive app to enable easy discovery of such content for our users. The offering on iFaith is in perfect synchrony with what our target users prefer. They will only have to download one specialised app to satisfy their devotional yearnings. We are confident that the diversity of the content available as well as the rich viewing experience on the iFaith app will make it a must-have for Indian viewers with a preference for the astrology, devotional and the spiritual.”


Price: Freemium

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store