Racing games are unnoticeable due to their repetitive nature and to stand out, a game has to offer more than the usual speed thrills. As it turns out, Hot Wheels: Race Off does enough to stand out and keep players intrigued. As a kid, everyone has played with the Hot Wheels car, and the idea of racing those cars in a mobile game, itself is interesting. The game is definitely fun for kids, but for adults, it would bring back the good old memories.




There are two game modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. You start off with the single player mode where you race against a random opponent with just two controls, brake and acceleration placed at the left and right, respectively. You need to balance your car and keep it stable by tilting it back and forth using the controls. Your objective is to clear the level before the fuel runs out. Although this may sound simple, it isn’t. A little extra acceleration and the car crashes with an explosion.


When racing, pressing the acceleration pedal in the mid air will tilt your car backwards, while pressing the brake pedal will tilt it forwards. You can use these tricks to pull off stunts like wheelies, jumps, and flips to earn in-game currency, which can be spent on unlocking new cars and upgrading the ones you own.


Multiplayer mode, on the other hand, unlocks at level 7, which allows you to compete with your friends.




The team behind the Hot Wheels: Race Off has put a lot of effort in developing the racing tracks and the cars. The detailed design of the car is remarkable, and the bright orange colour of the racing track gives you the feel of the classic Hot Wheels track. You get a wide choice of 20+ Hot Wheels cars and up to 40 physics-based racing tracks (or you can say levels) that can be unlocked one by one as you advance through the game.


The in-game currency of coins and XP will allow you to upgrade and build a Hot Wheels car collection. The cars can be upgraded in terms of speed, grip, tilt, and stability.


Final Thought


Hot Wheels: Race Off may come off as a simple racing game, but it is not. The speed and controls in the game are easy to pick yet difficult to master. It will take time and efforts to perfect the act of balancing the car during the jumps, lumps and loops. The stunts that can be performed when the car is airborne are enticing, but have a tiny margin of error. A small mistake will result in the car overturning and exploding, taking the player back to the start-line. To turn the tables in your favour, the game will offer free gifts at regular intervals that will help you in upgrading your car.


There is in-game advertising which is not aggressive and watching a few ads will give you more coins or XPs. All in all, Hot Wheels: Race Off is an addictive game which will provide you with enjoyable content for hours at length.


Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store