GST Konnect app provides up-to-date information on GST along with video courses on GST and GST Calculator. 




  • Video Courses: The app provides fundamental knowledge on GST with the help of video courses curated by industry experts.


  • GST Calculator: It allows you to calculate the taxes based on your industry, helping you understand the overall impact of GST on your business and pricing.


  • State wise GST Migration Help: The app provides state wise GST enrolment schedule and helps facilitate your GST migration process smoothly.


  • GST Tips & Articles: Find useful insights on how the GST affects the industry and the economy. You can also post your GST-related queries to be answered by tax experts.


  • Excise VAT and Schedules: The app includes excise and VAT schedules for different states.


  • GST Acts & Laws: Just like any other app on GST, this app also includes Draft model GST law, along with the latest updates.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store