As the name implies “Go Suraksheit” is a safety application that enables users to seek help from their trusted contacts with just one touch on the “Help” button. It arms you with four strong e-weapons, which are extremely helpful in case of any unsafe situation.


To begin with, the app requires you to register with name, corporate ID and mobile number. This will allow the app to save the incidents reported by you on their server for later access. However, you’ve an option to skip this registration process. The next step is to add those 5 contacts from your phonebook that you want Go Suraksheit app to approach when help is needed by you.


How it works: When you launch the app and click on the “Help” button, it performs the following four functions to get you the immediate help.


1. It triggers a loud alarm to get immediate attention from the people present nearby.
2. It sends out an SMS to all preconfigured contacts, sharing the details of your current location and a link to the exact location on the map.
3. It tries to call your contacts in order to inform them about your whereabouts.
4. It posts your location on your Facebook timeline at regular intervals until the alarm is stopped.


Note: You can turn all these features on/off according to your preference in the app’s settings.
Overall, this app works quite well and doesn’t require internet to trigger an emergency alert.


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store