Giphy Cam app now available for Android; iOS app update brings Live Photos Import, Augmented reality IRL stickers and more.


Giphy Cam can be best described as Instagram of GIFs. The app allows you to record GIFs, apply various filters and effects, as well as overlay text and emoticons. There are two ways to record GIFs. The first one is to press and hold the red button in the app to record GIFs on loop, and the second is to tap the button to shoot a 5-frame Burst Mode GIF.


Unfortunately, the Android version doesn’t currently appear to be able to import video and generate GIFs from that source, as the iOS version can. However, the app maker has mentioned that the Android version would get camera roll support very soon, in addition to other features such as Augmented Reality Stickers that are recently announced for the iOS version.


Speaking of iOS updates, the latest Giphy Cam v2.5.1 app allows you to import Live Photos from your camera roll, in addition to that it allows you to swipe on a group of photos in your camera roll to make flip books and stop motion GIFs. The app also got support for Augmented Reality IRL Stickers, and the app maker described it as, “Tap and hold on any Sticker and watch it follow your face, keep adding stickers to place them in 3D space around you.”


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store