Looking for something a little different from the typical typing experience? Fleksy keyboard might be just the app you need to shake things up. Flesky’s uniqueness lies in its customizable extensions that let you add a variety of interesting functions onto your keyboard’s top row.


The Hot Keys extension, for instance, lets you add a row of keys for things you type often such as emojis, symbols or keywords. The Shortcuts extension, on the other hand, allows Flesky to automatically correct predefined slang terms (for ex: omw –> on my way). Then, there is the Launcher extension, which gives you the ability to place shortcuts to other favorite apps (such as WhatsApp, Twitter) right within the keyboard for easy access. Not just that, there are extensions to make keys pop up like a beating heart or fireworks when you type. Above all, if you use emojis or GIFs to express yourself more often than you type, Flesky keyboard will not let you down.


Flesky not only offers 50+ keyboard customization themes, but it even comes with a custom theme creator that gives you full control over your keyboard’s appearance. You can set your own photo as the keyboard’s background if you’re so inclined, or pick a context-sensitive theme that automatically changes to match the color scheme of whatever app you’re using.


The keyboard is designed specifically for manual tapping, without any dependence on swiping and with only basic as-you-type word predictions. However, it uses intuitive swipe gestures to make you type faster, such as swipe left anywhere on the keyboard to delete the entire previous word, or swipe up to undo autocorrect.


Flesky also claims to offer the most accurate smartphone typing experience in the world. The keyboard doesn’t just look at the letters you press, it looks at the pattern you tap to understand what you meant to type. So, Fleksy Keyboard will know what word you meant to type even if you mistype every letter. All in all, it makes for a refreshing and power-packed new take on mobile text input. Plus, it supports 40+ languages.


Price: Freemium

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store