FanKick, as the name suggests, is an app targeted at fans in India who idolise celebrities and cannot get enough of them. The app provides new interactive ways to connect with like-minded individuals and indulge in compelling fan moments through a wide range of fun activities. Moreover, the app offers Fan Coins for each and every interaction, which can be redeemed for online e-commerce and other vouchers.


Getting Started      


The FanKick app packs so much content that it could become overwhelming for the new users. I must say that here the celebrity entertainment is more than just gossip and run of the mill movie reviews.


The app offers several contests, which allow you to earn in-game coins (called Fan Coins) and gift vouchers. Once logged in, you can create or become part of the existing fan clubs where you can interact with other fans and express yourself. You can even update upcoming events and post content in the fan club. There is also an option to pin favorite celebs and follow their latest activities and social media pages within the app.


And, if you’re a cricket fan and following the ongoing tournament ‘IPL 2018’, there is no reason for you to not to download this app. You can predict the IPL cricket match winners during the tournament and win vouchers.





Participate in Fun2win Challenges


The app’s Fun2win section features contests and trivia questions that make the app even more entertaining. Divided into four categories, namely, Movies, Sports, Music, and TV shows, each challenge consists of four multi-choice questions designed to test how well you know about your favorite celeb, sport or a music band. You’re rewarded with the Fan Coins on the successful completion of each challenge.


There are also exclusive challenges pertaining to the current events, upcoming movies, or special days such as celeb birthdays. For instance, at the time of reviewing this app, there was a contest going on titled ‘Foodies of Bollywood’. This contest was all about naming favorite dishes of a few Bollywood celebs. Being a Bollywood fan, I answered all the four questions correctly and got 20 Fan Coins as a reward. Once you’ve a minimum number of coins, you can redeem them for vouchers from Amazon, Flipkart, Faasos, and BookMyShow, to name a few.


Apart from the challenges based on the trivia, there are other challenges like dubbing a dialogue from a movie, imitating celebs, and more.



To Sum Up


Overall, this app could be a one-stop-shop for people who are keen on following and idolising celebrities. It comes packed with content and fun-filled activities around celebrities—no matter whether you’re a Hollywood fan or a Tollywood lover, love watching Comedy or a Reality TV show, follow Cricket or any other sport be it Football, Tennis, Badminton or Kabaddi—there is an entertainment content for all who are bitten by the bug called fanism. Bond with fellow fans, pin your favorite celebrities, or participate in Fun2win and other challenges—the choice is yours! So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now!


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store