Google recently launched Family Link, an app for parents that lets them establish a child’s first Google account, as well as utilize a series of  parental controls to manage and track daily screen time, device “bedtimes,” and which apps kids can use.


For the system to work, the Family Link app requires that both parent and child use Android device. To start off, parents are supposed to download the app first on their own device, running Android KitKat (v4.4) or higher. Once the app is installed, parents can set up the child’s first Google account.


Then, on the kid’s device (running Android Nougat v7.0 or higher), the parent must sign in using the new credentials before handing over the device to kids. Once signed in, the app tracks and logs the kid’s phone usage letting parents know how much time their kids spend in various apps, via weekly and monthly activity reports.


From the parent’s app, moms and dads are allowed to set a number of rules for their kids, for example, how long kids are allowed to use their device every day, or which apps kids can install from the Google Play Store. This means, parents can approve or block the apps their kids want to download. The app also allows parents to remotely lock their kid’s device when it’s time to play, study or sleep.


Note: For now, the Family Link app is available only to the parents in the U.S., and the app is designed to be used for those children who are under the age of 13.


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android