Taking prime minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative forward, a chat based job search mobile app Empzilla, claimed to be the first ever of its kind in the country, has been unveiled.


Empzilla has been designed to enable conversation between employers and job seekers in the app and the latter can chat with a potential employer. Empzilla says that the employee can even chat within his office set up without letting his peers and seniors know the context of the conversation.


The company indicates that the app helps the HR department in conserving resources and lengthy email exchanges.


Akash Attray, Chairman, Empzilla, expressed that the app was launched to overcome limitations and to revolutionize the way communications happen between job seekers and recruiters. Empzilla can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.


Attray further explains that in the traditional way of communication via mail, SMS or personal call, the candidate and the recruiter are unaware of the exact distance between the hiring venue and candidate’s domicile. He says that the Geo location feature in Empzilla identifies the exact distance between the hiring venue and the registered location of the candidate.


At the app launch event, Arun Singh, National General Secretary, Bhartiya Janata Party said, “We are excited that Digital India inspiring people to come out with new offerings that not only seek to solve some of the existing problems but also saves costs. I am sure Empzilla app will become popular in no time as it obviates some of the current problems relating to communication between recruiters and job seekers.”


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android