Vedantu is India’s leading, LIVE interactive online tutoring platform for students from 6th to 12th grades, with a focus on all major subjects (Maths, Science, Social, English) and school boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB). Offering individual and group classes delivered by experienced teachers in a LIVE real-time model, Vedantu’s vision is to reimagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By combining the quality of 500+ teachers, personalized and engaging content with superior technology, it is creating a greater learning experience for students and aiding in the improvement of student learning outcomes across 1000+ cities and 30+ countries.



In an exclusive interview to Apps Unveiled team, Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-Founder of Vedantu talked in detail about the Vedantu’s app key features, including interactive LIVE online learning platform “WAVE”, and much more. Edited Excerpts:


Q. How did you come up with the idea of Vedantu? And what was the turning point for you and your team at Vedantu?


Resonating to early student years of our lives, we, my co-founders and I, saw a need for a transformational change in the education sector in India. We decided that we wanted to do something meaningful to reinforce our passion for teaching. Our teaching journey started with “Lakshya” in 2006, our first venture and a test-prep company, which was later acquired by a renowned listed company. Our next step was to create an all-inclusive platform to reach out to a larger audience and thus we came up with a bigger idea, which led to the birth of our second venture “Vedantu.”


Vedantu focuses on solving the problems and challenges of the offline learning model, through an online holistic platform designed to create a positive impact on how students learn.



We launched the first version of Vedantu’s group classes in November, 2017. After mastering the efficacy of education in group classes, we started pushing the extremely affordable and effective group classes through the huge organic student base, that’s already accessing free content on the Vedantu’s official website. Vedantu saw its inflection point in Academic Year 2018-19 owing to innovations in group classes and grew 5X in all its key metrics, including revenue and number of students.


Q. Please tell us a bit about the Vedantu app and its key features.


Vedantu is a free app that can be downloaded by the students either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on their smartphones. Once the app is installed, they can sign up on the app using their phone number. The app also prompts them to select their grade and board in order to create a personalized learning experience.


The app has daily free interactive online classes for students from classes VI to XII that they can attend LIVE to prepare for school board and various competitive exams. Apart from attending LIVE video classes, students can also attempt topic level tests and access free revision notes, sample papers, important questions, formula sheets, and much more on the app.


Getting into the details, Vedantu app’s Key Features are as follows:


Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions: Vedantu app provides free access to solutions of textbooks like NCERT, popular reference books (like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and HC Verma, to name a few), and previous year question papers, all curated and created by Vedantu Academic Experts.


LIVE Classes & Conceptual videos: The USP of Vedantu app is first of its kind LIVE Online Masterclasses that let students learn various concepts and take down notes from India’s best teachers, as well as clear their doubts in real-time through interactive LIVE online classes. Please note that these are not recorded video lectures. In addition to LIVE online classes, free counseling sessions, tips and tricks, strategies for revision, etc. are also provided by Vedantu’s teachers.


Ask Doubt 24×7: When a problem or doubt is posted by a student on the app, we immediately assign a teacher that not only provides the solution to a problem but also ensures that the student has understood the concept.



Q. What defines your target audience? Could you please mention the subjects, courses, and boards that Vedantu is currently covering on its platform?


Students who are preparing for competitive exams or studying in class VI to XII can find and access study and course material on our platform at a very minimal cost.


Target Group

  • Students from VI to XII standard
  • JEE & NEET Aspirants
  • Parents


Target Market

  • Pan India


Courses & Boards

  • Classes VI to X (CBSE & ICSE Boards)
    • Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology, English, SST
  • Classes XI to XII
    • Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • JEE & NEET
    • Complete Long Term & Short-Term Courses
    • Crash Courses
  • KVPY Crash Course


Q. Is there any cost attached to taking classes through Vedantu? If yes, what are the additional benefits for paid subscribers?


Vedantu follows a freemium pricing model to reach out to students through its website, mobile app, and YouTube channels.


While we have ever continuous free LIVE online video classes on Vedantu’s YouTube Channels (base being humongous), we offer students a gamut of the paid courses to choose from, be it our long-term courses, short term or even bite sized, mirco-courses. All of these are highly economically priced, even the best in the market. The paid subscribers have an unmatched advantage of having a repertoire of all courses’ materials. Also, they have unlimited doubt solving access, which is like a gold mine, given that Vedantu has India’s best and highly qualified teachers. While all of the studying courses are of premium quality, we also have very strong student evaluation mechanism with recurrent quizzes, leaderboard ratings, and continuous parent feedback.


Q. What differentiates Vedantu from other online/mobile learning platforms?


We are extremely focused on enhancing educational outcomes of a child. In fact, we are the only Ed-Tech company, which teaches at the depth needed for any student to attain his best level. The uniquely designed ecosystem of Master Teacher, Patented technology of interactive LIVE online learning platform “WAVE,” and the constant support of academic mentors ensures every learning need of a child gets fulfilled.



Vedantu’s WAVE platform has been granted a powerful and comprehensive IP Patent in the U.S. for ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of An Interactive Online Learning System’. This is a system that helps us measure the engagement level of each student at different points in a Live Interactive Class and their learning outcomes, as well as it helps us measure teachers and content effectiveness in a Live Learning Engagement.


Vedantu uses these powerful insights to make personalized learning paths for each student, as well as to continuously improve our teaching content and research on which flow and pedagogy are more engaging. This is a unique ability that only Vedantu possess with the help of our Patented Technology.


Owing to these capabilities, Vedantu has achieved LIVE classes of more than 1.2 million hours till date that have been highly engaging and interactive for all its learners.


Q. Why parents should allow their children to learn through Vedantu? Your top three reasons for that.


With Vedantu, students can experience a whole new spectrum of Healthy Competition, that’s not just competing with their fellow students at school but with the whole of India.

Vedantu opens horizons and lets students learn from some of highly qualified teachers who themselves are rank holders and have a strong pedigree.

With Vedantu, parents can get a holistic and deep objective view of their child’s performance and learning journey owing to Vedantu’s patented technology.


Q. How is the response to the Vedantu app so far? Please shed some light on your user base and growth figures.


The response has been overwhelming for us from the very first day of the app launch. We managed to reach a DAU of 15,000 within the first week of launch without any paid campaigns. Currently, we have a user base of 3M+ on the app. Moreover, the app has consistently maintained Play Store rating of 4.3+ while scaling throughout the journey.


One of the crucial wins here for the Vedantu app is its penetration into across the country, including remote areas, which means we are hitting there where it is needed the most.


Q. Vedantu has been recently recognized as the Everyday Essential App of 2019 by the Google Play Store. Such recognitions bring along a lot of responsibilities, so what are your expansion plans? Are there any plans to introduce new features in the near future?


Definitely a lot of features and improvements in the existing features are in the charter, but having said this, we’ll reveal the details about new features in the coming months.


To lay down a few, we are refining our doubt asking feature heavily and a new version with auto recommendations will soon be out for the users. Apart from doubts, our interactive LIVE online learning platform “WAVE” will be updated with a lot of features targeted towards making LIVE video classes more engaging, fun and learning outcome driven.


Q. What do you see as Vedantu’s biggest challenge in the New Year 2020?


While we are very confident about the learning outcome through Vedantu, the challenge remains to educate more and more families, students or basically everyone, who are not early adopters, about the efficacy of live online learning.


Another challenge or rather endeavour would be to further enhance our quality and deliver consistently the best possible service to our students.


Q. Finally, where do you see Vedantu three years down the line?


We want to make Vedantu synonymous to the learning journey for every student right from kindergarten to 12th standard (K-12 Segment). We basically want to be the primary enabler of any and every development, be it core academics or the overall personal development of a student.