Sad as it sounds, we are rapidly moving towards a time when you may need to book a prior appointment with family members to spend some time with them! With constant deadlines and mounting work pressures, spending time together as a family seems next to impossible. That’s where the Cozi Family Organizer comes into play, which is essentially a daily planner app for families.


What makes Cozi Family Organizer unique is its ability to help you keep track of each family member’s individual calendar, shopping lists and to do lists all in one place and access them from multiple devices. In other words, each member of your family will have the grocery list, to-do lists, and family calendar at their fingertips.


How it works: With Cozi, you only need one account and one shared password for your family. You can add other family members by adding their names and each one’s email address from your profile. Once you’ve added all your family members, they can sign in to Cozi from their device using the email address that you’ve assigned to them and the shared password.


When downloaded onto each family member’s phone, each member will have the ability to add events with reminders and notes on a color-coded family calendar, so everyone in a family knows each other’s daily schedule. One can also create and share to-dos lists, shopping lists, grocery list, and more in real time with other family members. There is also an option to jot down special moments (photos with notes) in a shared family journal.


The premium version of the app allows you to enjoy ad-free interface, and offers additional features like birthday tracker, shared contacts, and new themes.


Overall, Cozi Family Organizer is one of the must-have apps for busy families if they wish to be more organized and connected this New Year.


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android, iOS and Windows

Download the app from : androidapp_storewindow