We have landed in an era where food is measured in calories. And the problem is that even after consuming only the recommended number of calories as per our health goal, weight refuses to budge. Do you know why? Because losing weight is not only about your daily intake of calories.


Suppose you’re advised to have a 2000 calorie diet per day, and all you need to do in order to stay fit is eat within that limit. That means, your day could start with a cheese sandwich or vada sambar for breakfast, a large burger and cola for lunch, a samosa at snack time and fried rice for dinner.


Alternatively, you could have a bowl of poha/ toasts with milk for breakfast, chapatti, seasonal vegetable and curd for lunch, a fruit for a snack and a bowl of salad and soup for dinner with some steamed quinoa (or daliya).


So, what would you choose?


While both options are designed to form a 2000 calorie diet, the correct answer is neither. Surprised? Let’s tell you why.


While the first option is low in nutrients and high in fat and sugar, the second option could get boring for you after a while. Where is the taste?


While your body needs NOURISHMENT, your tongue or rather the mind craves for the TASTE. The secret lies in finding a way to keep both your mind and body happy. Enter bon happétee app, which is designed to give you the freedom to eat what you love within the boundaries of your own health goals.


bon happétee is your personal nutrition guide, but a delicious one. It fixes your meal so that you can eat what you love, but in the healthy way (by not compromising on the nutritional value).


During the new user registration, the app asks you about your health goal (lose/gain weight, or maintain & eat well), food preferences, lifestyle, medical conditions (if any), as well as build your metabolic profile. Based on your inputs, it suggests you couple of health goals like lose 2kgs in 3 months, lose 3kgs in 3 months, and so on.


Depending upon your health goal, the app suggests you the daily intake of calories and meals for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. The app also provides links to online recipes and suggests nearby restaurants from where you can buy the recommended meals.


Fret Not! You can also log your own meals. The app scores your meal on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the nutritional value. If your meal scores above 8, it is considered to be healthy. Otherwise, the app will suggest you to ‘fix the meal’, if it scores less than 8.


For instance, I logged into the app that I’ll have one samosa with a cup of tea in the evening. It gave 7 points to my meal and suggested to cut down one cup of tea to half in order to make it healthy. It not only fixes your meal, but also provides the proper feedback on your chosen meal and lets you understand the nutrition chart by comparing the target nutrition and actual nutrition of your chosen meal.


The app also lets you log the details of your physical activities like running, swimming, yoga, walking, for example and calculates the calories burned. Furthermore, it gives you with weekly reports about your diet and maintains your food diary and nutrition summary. The more you use the app to log your meals, the better it gets at personalized meal recommendations.


To sum up, the bon happétee app is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain or lose the weight without giving up their favourite food. It recommends nutritious meals, keeping your food culture, taste preferences and medical conditions (if any) in mind. Worth downloading!


Price: Free

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store