Trusted Contacts

December 15, 2016

Let your loved ones know you’re safe with Google’s personal Safety app named Trusted Contacts. The app lets you share your location with loved ones in everyday situations and when emergencies arise — even if your phone is offline or you can’t get to it.


How it works: Once you install the app, you can assign “trusted” status to your closest friends and family. Your trusted contacts will be able to track your phone’s movement to quickly know whether you are ok or not. And, if your trusted contacts are really worried about you, they can request to see your location. If everything’s fine, you can deny the request. But if you’re unable to respond within 5 minutes, the app will automatically share your last known location with your trusted contacts, who can determine the best way to help you out.


Needless to say, you can also share your actual location with your trusted contacts when you find yourself in an unsafe situation.


The app is currently available for all Android devices running version 4.4 and up. To get started, simply download the app from the Play Store, add some contacts, and they’ll receive an email about accepting your request. Upon accepting your request, they’ll show up in your list of trusted contacts within the app. (It should be noted that the Trusted Contacts app only works on Android at the moment. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add anyone who uses an iPhone as your trusted contact.)


Price: Free

Available on: Android

Download the app from : android

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