If you’re fishing for the perfect game, it’s right here! No pun intended because it’s a fish-eat-fish world in the ocean and that’s what you will experience once you start playing action-packed EatMe.io. There is only one strategy in this game either munch other fish or become their lunch.


Gameplay: You start off as a small little fish born into the ocean where there are bigger fishes ready to eat you up for their lunch. In order to escape yourself from becoming a lunch of the fish that can eat you, your only aim is to grow big enough by munching seaweeds so that you can also eat other smaller fishes in the ocean and ultimately become the biggest fish in the ocean. The more you eat, the more you become bigger. But here is a catch! The bigger you are, the slower you will be. Well, you cannot have all the advantage, can you? But there is a way out of that as well. You can use your skills to escape yourself from the jaws of the bigger fishes by pooping on them, or splitting yourself into many mini fishes, for example.


Oh! Hold on! Did we tell you that EatMe.io is an online multiplayer game? Yes! The best part about this game is that those big monstrous looking fishes chasing you aren’t controlled by the game or computer, they are controlled by real people from around the world in real time. That means you’re competing against players who are out to be the biggest fish in the ocean, just like you.


Best of all, there is only a single round for this game and there can be as many as 100 players at a time. A round
is just 2 minutes long and your overall score depends on how many fishes you’ve eaten and other stats such as size, death, and fishy combo. You can see yourself on the leaderboard only if you are one among the top 10 big fishes in the particular round. At the end of 2 minutes, based on your performance, you will be rewarded with a rank and prize, such as fish bowls, gold coins and shells (in-game currencies), etc. Fish Bowls are just like treasure chests; unlocking them provides you with new fishes, gold coins, shells and much more. Who knows, you might win the deadliest fish in the ocean!


There are 15 types of fishes in the game to unlock, each having its own special skill that helps you escape from the bigger fishes in the ocean once you start growing bigger. Not just that. Once you own the fish, you also have an option to upgrade its skills using in-game currency to make it more powerful. That’s not all! Achievements, Leaderboards, and much more is there for you to explore in EatMe.io. You can even invite your friends to join and compete with you in this underwater adventure.


Overall, EatMe.io is fun to play and can be enjoyed by any age group – so get munching!


Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Available on: Android and iOS

Download the app from : androidapp_store